Warm Bamboo Massage

Bamboo has been important in Asian culture since it was used as a medium to write documents from the fifth century BC. Bamboo was also used to make weapons such as staffs, staves and swords used in Asian martial arts. It is very strong and is used in ancient construction in suspension bridges and now for scaffolding, small huts and flooring. Young bamboo shoots can be cooked and eaten and is often still found in Asian dishes.

It is a type of grass that is fast growing and sustainable making it earth friendly. Some species of bamboo in a good environment can grow 3 feet in one day! Bamboo typically matures in 3-5 years and some species can live more than 120 years in the wild and can reach 1,300 feet in height. Chinese consider bamboo a symbol of virtue and traditional values.

Warm bamboo massage uses heated solid sticks of bamboo of different sizes and shapes used to roll and knead the tissue. The gentle heat and gliding movements can make this a very relaxing massage and the firm strength of the bamboo is great at working out tight muscles.

Warm bamboo is a great addition to massage, the warmth helps relax tight muscles and improves circulation in the area which is important for muscular health. Heat is also a pain reliever and can reduce muscle spasms and aches. Warmth is very soothing and can give an emotional boost.

Runners and cyclists may find this treatment especially beneficial as it is great at relaxing and smoothing out tight IT bands and leg muscles. The heat and pressure are great at relaxing tight shoulder muscles acquired from long hours at a computer.

Special consideration should be taken for people who are heat sensitive, such as children, elderly or pregnant women and for people who have lowered sensation such as with some cases of diabetes. If your skin is sunburned or inflamed warm bamboo should be postponed. Anyone with renal or kidney problems should not have heat treatments, including warm bamboo. There is a risk of burns with warm bamboo although this is rare and any discomfort should be immediately communicated to the therapist. A cooler temperature may be used upon request or with heat sensitive people.