Working into deeper layers of muscle, tendon and fascia this massage will smooth out knots and muscle tension. Great for those who have aches and pains and want more focused work.

60 minutes $120

90 minutes $160

2 hours $210

Relaxation Massage

Using smooth flowing strokes this massage will melt away tension and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

60 minutes $120

90 minutes $160

2 hours $210

Aromatherapy Massage

Combining pure essential oils with massage can increase the benefits from deeper relaxation to increased energy; each blend will be unique to your needs.

60 minutes $130

90 minutes $170

2 hours $220

Organic Facial

Cleanse and exfoliate your face for a fresh youthful look. Non-invasive techniques using all organic products customizable for any skin type.


60 minutes $120

special offer $100 if added to another service



Warm Bamboo Massage

Solid sticks of bamboo are warmed up and used to melt away muscular tension. Gliding, rolling and kneading motions are used to create a massage experience unlike any other.


60 minutes $140

90 minutes $180

2 hours $230


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Stones made of pure Himalayan Salt are heated and used to melt away muscular tension during the massage. Due to their nature Himalayan Salt stones may provide slight exfoliation.

60 minutes $140

90 minutes $180

2 hours $230

Sticks and Stones Massage

Warm bamboo sticks are used in conjunction with hot Himalayan salt stones to glide, roll, knead, smooth, and melt away your tension. Salt stones may provide slight exfoliation.


90 minutes $190

2 hours $240



Pregnancy Massage

Specially trained to work safely with women who are pregnant and postpartum, this massage will use side lying position during pregnancy with a focus on relieving any low back and pelvic pain as well as soothing away stress and tension to help mom and baby stay happy and healthy. Legs will receive light massage or manual lymphatic drainage as needed.

60 mins $120

Oncology Massage

Specially trained to work safely with people who currently have cancer or a cancer history. This massage will be adapted to each person’s needs and situation, safe even for those currently undergoing treatment. This is a lighter massage aimed at relieving stress and anxiety. Extensive consultation will be held before the start of the first treatment and is not included in treatment time. Pillows and towels will be needed to help with bolstering and comfort during the massage.

60 mins $120


Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy work, helping to clear up energy pathways in the body. This technique is done with light hands-on work but if requested can be done with hands hovering near the body.


60 minutes $120


add reiki to a massage

15 minutes $15

30 minutes $30

Massage with Reiki

Full 60 minute relaxation or deep tissue massage followed by 30 minutes of reiki.

90 mins $150

Facial with Reiki

Full organic facial followed by 30 minutes of reiki.

90 minutes $150

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual lymphatic drainage is a very light technique which helps move lymph fluid, increasing lymphangiomotoricity and improving overall health as well as reducing swelling or puffiness from excess lymph fluid. Plastic surgeons are prescribing manual lymphatic drainage before and after surgery to aid in healing. This technique is also good for people with MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Alzheimer's, concussions, cancer, scars, C-sections, even children and the population as a whole can benefit. 50 minutes hands on with additional time for measurements of any affected areas using standardized measuring techniques.

60 minutes $150

add MLD to a massage

15 minutes $20

Massage with MLD

45 minutes of massage focused on specific areas you choose followed by 45 minutes of manual lymphatic drainage to move lymph fluid in the body and improve overall health.

90 mins $200

Facial with MLD

A full organic facial followed by 30 minutes of head and face manual lymphatic drainage to improve lymph flow, clear out sinuses and improve overall health.

90 minutes $160

Head and Neck MLD

Manual lymphatic drainage is focused in the head, neck and face to improve lymphatic flow, reducing puffiness and increasing skin health. This focus on the head and neck is especially good for anti-aging, acne, concussions, Alzheimer's, Bell's Palsy, or people undergoing dental work. May improve headaches or migraines.

60 minutes $150


Add to any massage or facial

15 minutes $20

Hand and Foot Scrubs

Himalayan Salt Scrub is used to soften hands or feet during a massage or facial.


Add to any massage or facial

$10 hand scrub

$10 foot scrub

$20 hand and foot scrubs

Dry Brushing

Dry brushes whisk away dead skin before each area gets massaged and moisturized.


Add to any massage


Spa therapy for young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon - indoors

Organic Facial Products

Sage Massage Organic Facials use several different brands with an emphasis on Eminence Organic Skin Care products. All products are natural, organic and can be customized for any skin type, even for people with sensitive skin.

Himalayan Salt Stones

Stones made from salt mined in the Himalaya Mountain region are heated and used in massage. Salt is naturally microbial and Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals needed to maintain overall health. Due to their nature these salt stones may provide a mild exfoliating effect during a massage.

Close up of young woman having hot himalayan stone massage in spa.Natural salt stone bricks placed on spine with therapist in background.
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